Become one of the top enterprises supplying health and beauty products/solutions in Vietnam and its surrounding areas.


Provide health and beauty care products for everyone.


Serve at least one million customers annually by 2035.

Core values:

Honesty: We ensure that all Royal Sun’s actions are consistent with our words which uphold honesty in the daily interaction with customers and between our own fellow employees.  

Giving: Royal Sun spares no effort to create good values ​​to serve the community and commits to dedicate a part of its achievement to building the community.

Results orientation: Royal Sun guarantees that all its products are of the highest quality and takes responsibility for any unsatisfactory feedbacks from customers. Assessing the quality of products is, in fact, an important measure to evaluate the effectiveness of Royal Sun’s staff.

Professional: Royal Sun staffs are well-trained in both knowledge and skills; maintain a professional working style as well as attitude and provide services to customers responsibly and thoughtful.

Energy - Creativity - Innovation: Royal Sun is a high-energy and creative working place, constantly innovating to bring more and more excellent products that meet customers’ requirements.